Our Mission

The mission of Mill Creek Community Church is “Reflecting the renewing love of God in our community.”

The values that shape our mission are:

  • Biblically centered
  • People of prayer
  • Christ-like inclusiveness
  • Authentic hospitality
  • Generosity
  • Community outreach

We work to fulfill our mission by connecting people to a Christ-centered community, cultivating spiritual growth, and worshipping and serving the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). As people of God, we strive to:


  • Connect: Build relationships
  • Grow: Deepen our walk with God
  • Worship: Glorify God
  • Serve: Love God’s people and the world

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that the Bible is the authority for all faith and life.
  • We believe that there is one true God who exists eternally as three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that no person is without potential because of Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that anyone who accepts Jesus Christ alone as their Savior will have their sins forgiven and receive eternal life.
  • We believe that the local church should be both unified and diverse, in community to encourage one another, serve together and worship God.

Sunday Mornings @10AM | office@millcreekchurch.com

16415 North Road
Mill Creek, WA 98012

PH 425.745.2094
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