Leadership Council

Our church is guided by the Council’s caring and dedicated volunteer women and men who govern the church as servant leaders. These elders and deacons pray and work together in order to lead the church in accomplishing what God has called us to do in our community and the world.

Our deacons are dedicated to helping those in our church and community when they encounter a difficult time in their lives. They oversee the finances of our church and lead our congregation in meeting the needs of our immediate community and even in the larger world.

Our elders, in partnership with our pastor, focus on the spiritual life of the congregation. They oversee the teaching ministries, worship, and preaching ministries of the church and lead us in maturing as disciples following Christ.

Elders and deacons are chosen by congregational vote and serve three year terms. MCCC is part of regional group of churches that provide mutual accountability and support.

DEACONS                 ELDERS

Kim Anetipa              Tom Rietkerk

Joanne Carr               Judy Weiford

Ken Jacobs                Linda Tufts

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